Baby First Year Book

I can’t believe Rowan is now one, eek! He turned one on Wednesday (1st July). This past year has absolutely flown by. I will eventually do a longer post about Rowan’s birthday – hopefully sometime this week.

For one of his presents we decided it would be a great idea to make a ‘baby first year book’ for him. It’s maybe more of a present for us until he’s older and I can guarantee he won’t try to:

  • Eat it
  • Rip it
  • Wee on it (don’t ask – there have been a few incidents during naked time recently!)

The trouble is I have actually taken at least one picture for every single day of his life, so as you can imagine there are thousands of pictures to go through and pick, to me every single picture is a highlight and a brilliant memory.

A sneak peek of a few of the pictures chosen.

To make things slightly easier, Alex and I came up with a few categories/chapters we wanted to split the book up into, including:

  • Scan pictures
  • Baby bump pictures – including pictures of bump when we went to an Arcade Fire gig when I was 37 weeks pregnant
  • The first pictures we took of Rowan when he was born (from inside the operating theatre!)
  • Pictures of him with his Grandparents
  • Milestones – we have been using the Milestone Baby Cards by Milestone Cards and the photo book will be a great place to have them altogether. Although there were few of the cards that we forgot to use, oops!
  • First Christmas
  • First foods
  • Sleepy boy pictures – random pictures of him asleep in lots of cute positions
  • Milk drunk pictures – again random pictures of his milk drunk faces – which he still gets from time to time and I love them
  • Tummy time
  • Other firsts – including his first haircut, first bath, first train ride, etc
  • Other pictures – pretty self explanatory

We have designed it on PhotoBox as they have some fabulous templates on their website which you can use as a starting point, it’s really easy to do and very user friendly. You can then add pages, change the layout and background on them to whatever suits your needs. 

We have used PhotoBox on numerous occasions now, including the cards used to announce his birth which we sent to family. The pictures always turn out great – I was worried at first that the pictures would look pixelated when printed but they don’t at all.

Their standard photo book is around 26 pages and ours is 56 pages long – it got to that length even though we were trying to be strict with what pictures were used.

It’s going to be a brilliant memento and something we can embarrass Rowan with when he’s older. There’s one picture in particular that we’ll definitely be having blown up for his 18th birthday! 


  1. 16/07/2015 / 10:05 pm

    Lovely pics. Doesn’t the first year go so quickly! I wish I had got those milestone cards xx

    • Laura
      17/07/2015 / 7:14 pm

      The first year has gone by so quickly it’s crazy!!! The milestone cards were brilliant but unfortunately we’ve missed a few of them out, oops! Once I’d had Rowan I saw that they started doing pregnancy milestone cards and was gutted I’d not spotted them sooner as could have marked my pregnancy milestones, oh well, there’s always next time 😀

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