16 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #2

Well today was a very exciting day as I attended my 16 week midwife appointment (I turned 16 weeks yesterday) and we were able to hear the babies heartbeat. It took awhile for the midwife to find it, which did my anxiety no favours, and after a few minutes (it was probably seconds!) she found it and it was really strong. Baby was hiding just below my c-section scar and was obviously tucked away in a nice warm spot. The position tallies up with where I’ve been feeling the odd kick, hooray!

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update | mummylala.co.uk

My ALL DAY nausea has decreased dramatically, although a few smells make me want to hurl and I still can’t walk anywhere near the meat aisle in the supermarket! I’ve not got many food aversions and have yet to have any pregnancy cravings.

Yesterday I had a really bad headache again, very similar to the one I reported in my last pregnancy update. I think I’ve realised what the culprit is and it’s eggs. Basically the day after I’ve eaten scrambled eggs I’ve had an awful headache. They are the only two headaches I’ve had and it’s been the only time I’ve eaten eggs, so just putting two and two together. It could just be the pesky pregnancy hormones playing tricks!

We did have a little scare over the weekend, Rowan was having some silly time and managed to jump on my bump with his full weight, it really knocked the air out of me and it really hurt! I was so worried he’d hurt the baby. I spoke to the midwife and she reassured me that he won’t have hurt the baby and reminded me that the baby is completely safe and secure and has plenty of padding to protect it. Since then Rowan has definitely been a lot more cautious around my bump.

In other news my pregnancy photograph props arrived a few days ago. They are from a gorgeous little company called This Paper Book and includes a little pennant flag and fruit and veggie pregnancy milestone cards. So, without further ado…

16 Weeks Avocado | mummylala.co.uk

…yes, baby is the size of an avocado this week (around 3.53 oz and 11.6 cm long). These cute milestone cards all have the size of the baby depicted by fruits and vegetables for each week of your pregnancy, I will be picturing them alongside the bump at some stage. I think they are adorable.

Next week I have a 17 week consultant appointment at the hospital as my pregnancy is classified as high risk, and it will be consultancy led rather than midwife left (due to heart problems that I’ve had treated since Rowan was born, it was an underlying problem that cropped up during labour. I’ll explain in more detail very soon – nothing too serious) and I need to be monitored a little closer. I will share the outcome of that with you next week.


  1. 23/09/2016 / 8:41 pm

    Aw, yay for hearing baby’s heartbeat – best sound ever. I’m 31 weeks and my midwife has yet to offer to find it at any of my appointments. I don’t think they do it so much anymore? Luckily I have my own doppler at home so can listen in anytime I want. I don’t use it so much now that I feel baby move lots but it was very reassuring in the early days, especially after having two losses. xx

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