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Around four years ago we relocated from the north of England to the south. We still don’t really know many people in the area and this goes for local service providers too, so we’re not really sure where to go if we need to find good local trades people such as photographers, window cleaners, electricians and the like.

I normally spend a great deal of time googling companies, then having to spend a lot of time ringing round and emailing people to gain quotes and find out more about them. Thankfully there is a new solution to this! We were contacted by Bidvine to review their website which essentially helps you gather competing quotes for locally based services using a very user friendly and easy searchable free website.

Bidvine Review |

Bidvine is really simple to use. On the homepage all you need to do is type in the service you’re looking for along with your postcode. As we’re due our rainbow baby in March 2017 I searched for a baby photographer, as this is something we’ll be looking for later next year. Once you hit the search button you’re then asked a series of very short and specific questions (such as what your budget is and timescales you’re working towards) to ensure that Bidvine can find the most relevant company/professional to fulfil your exact requirements.

Once you’ve submitted your response you’re then asked to create an account either via email or Facebook, it literally takes seconds to set up. If you sign up via email you’re asked to provide the address, a contact phone number (you don’t have to give this) and your name, then you’re asked to create a password.


Bidvine begin doing the hard work for you and contact the relevant people for the search you’ve carried out, in my case it was to find local baby photographers along with quotes. Within five minutes of finishing my search I was contacted by four baby photographers via email, I have to say they are all fantastic companies with very reasonable quotes.

I’m really impressed with Bidvine as it saves you a lot of time and hassle finding relevant companies for your needs. I’m someone who hates having to chase people for quotes and to have a website that does it all for you and for free is fantastic. It’s definitely a website we’ll be using in the future and I can imagine lots of companies registering with Bidvine to secure business.

Bidvine also has an iPhone app available so you can look for local service professionals whilst on the go.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.

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