How to Successfully Redesign Your Bathroom

For many people the bathroom is more than just a toilet, sink and shower. For some, it’s where they can forget about their long, tiring day and relax with a glass of wine and a soothing bath. For others, it’s where they go to hide from their nagging parents, partner, or screaming children! There are even some that believe that the design of your bathroom can say a lot about your personality.

Everyone, however, agrees on one thing: the bathroom matters. Its design, its style, its layout — it all matters. So how do you do it? What are the things that you need to consider when redecorating your bathroom? How do you redesign your bathroom in a stylish, efficient and cheap way? Here are few top tips to keep in mind along your journey:

How To Successfully Redesign Your Bathroom

It Doesn’t Have to Cost You a Fortune

Redesigning your bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth. It might be hard to believe, but giving your bathroom a fresh, new look doesn’t require major investment. While you can, of course, opt for a more expensive makeover, there are ways and means to redecorate your bathroom on a budget.

The key to achieving this is to create a budget before you start. Know how much you’re willing to spend, what your needs are and what kind of expenses you can expect for the different projects. You should also know beforehand what kind of materials you need for the job.

It would be reckless to go into a renovation project without the appropriate tools and materials. Make sure you put in the time and effort to find the right items for the job and have everything ready before you start. With a bit of research, you’ll find there are a number of places that offer qualitative fixtures and furnitures such as bathroom door handles and tiles that aren’t too expensive. So, do a little homework and prepare for the work ahead.

Work With Your Space

Not many people are blessed with enormous bathrooms, in order to make the best of whatever space you have, it’s important for you to understand your bathroom, its size and dimensions.

An extra tip for those that have to make do with limited bathroom space: when it comes to your walk-in shower, opt for the shower curtain instead of the shower door. This will not only save you time — seeing how you won’t have to clean the shower door anymore — but it will also allow you to make use of every inch of your bathroom.

New Isn’t Always Best

What you want: a modern and trendy bathroom. What you have: a bathroom with a vintage finish. The most obvious solution: get rid of the old and replace it with something new.

This obvious solution might prove to be the biggest mistake you make during your remodelling project. Removing things like wall tiles, for instance, is more work than you think. Especially in older buildings, tiles have multiple layers of concrete that make the removal process an extraordinarily tedious one.

So rather than removing everything, you might want to consider keeping your bathroom’s vintage look and working with what you have.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

One common concern when it comes to bathrooms is how to best treat mould and mildew. Rather than fighting mould after it’s gotten a stronghold, there are a few clever ways to keep it from growing in the first place.

When redesigning your bathroom, consider ways to increase ventilation, as a lack of this is the most common cause for bathroom mould. While you might not necessarily be able to afford to install a new window in your bathroom, you might want to think about fitting in a bathroom exhaust fan to help dry out your bathroom.

Another great way to prevent bathroom mould is by painting your walls and ceiling with a satin and gloss paint, as this kind of paint helps resist the growth of mould.

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