22 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #2

This week we turned 22 weeks pregnant, over half way there now and it’s very exciting. Yesterday I had my 22 week scan, as not everything could be viewed properly at the 20 week scan due to baby being too wriggly. Everything went really well and is all good, hooray!

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update | mummylala.co.uk

You may remember on my 20 week update that I was a little worried about the position of my placenta as it was anterior and low, thankfully it’s moved (which I can’t believe in such a short period of time) and it’s now high and not covering my cervix anymore, what a relief!

The Sonographer also had to recheck babies size as it was measuring as a giant baby at 20 weeks. Basically it looks like baby was at the end of a growth spurt then and has now evened out weighing approximately 1lb 2oz and on the 60th percentile line (baby was on the 96th at the last scan), phew!

Unfortunately, Alex has missed this scan too as Rowan has had a little bit of a tummy bug. Originally we booked him into nursery for an extra session so Alex and I could attend the scan alone but with Rowan having a bug he wasn’t allowed to attend. The baby was hiding away today and had buried his/her head into my placenta, and the Sonographer couldn’t get any good scan photos, so he didn’t really miss too much.

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update 2 | mummylala.co.uk

Bump has definitely grown a little more and is around the size of a Papaya. I must start measuring ┬ábump soon as it would be nice to have a little log of how bump is developing. I have been keeping track of my weight and have put on a few pounds which pretty much covers the weight of baby, etc. I’m more conscious about my weight this time as I put on around four stone with Rowan and don’t want to repeat this time. I ate everything is sight with him as I had an insatiable appetite but not so much this time, I’m sure that’s likely to change at some point.

In other exciting news we’ve come up with a theme for babies nursery, well I say nursery they’ll be in with us for the first four or five months. We have an alcove in our master bedroom where there’s enough room for a changing table and for the SnuzPod we ordered at The Baby Show a few weeks ago.

I’ll be adding some nursery decor to it and we’re going for a rainbow theme due to baby being our rainbow baby. We have already ordered a changing dresser from East Coast Nursery and I can’t wait to get that together and organised, it’s white and will match the white SnuzPod. I’ll be sharing with you our nursery decor very soon and it’ll include some handmade products from my new handmade small business La Pom Pom!

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