My Pregnancy Survival Kit

This week I turned 30 weeks pregnant and I will publish a little update for you very soon, against my intentions I’ve not published a pregnancy update since 22 weeks, eek! In this post I want to share with you some of the products and items that I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy so far. Many I started using right at the beginning, others I’ve found useful as my pregnancy has progressed.

There’s a mixture of practical products, clothing, skincare and other bits and pieces that I’ve found really useful and hopefully you will too or will give you a few ideas at least.

My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials | Pregnacare Max

Before we found out we were pregnant I was already taking the Pregnacare Before Conception tablets to make sure I was getting all of the correct vitamins and nutrients to help support a healthy conception. Once we got the very exciting positive pregnancy test result I swapped to the Pregnacare Max tablets which includes important nutrients such as the recommended daily amount of Folic Acid, Calcium, Vitamin D and extra Omega-3 DHA – important for babies brain and eye development.

I took these whilst pregnant with Rowan too and it was reassuring to know that even the days I couldn’t eat anything due to all day sickness/nausea I was still getting some important vitamins and minerals in my system.

2. Kool ‘n’ Soothe Migraine Gel Sheets

These have been an absolute lifesaver as I’ve suffered from quite a few headaches in this pregnancy. I don’t like taking oral pain relief whilst pregnant, although I know there’s pregnancy safe pain medication out there, I just don’t want to run the risk. Instead, I’ve been using the Kool ‘n’ Soothe gel sheets as they are pregnancy safe and you simply take one of the gel sheets and pop it on your forehead and you get immediate relief as it gives such a lovely cooling effect.

On some occasions I’ve also had to use a bag of frozen peas as the sheets just weren’t hitting the spot, so glamorous!

3. FitBumpBox – Pregnancy Pilates

Something I’ve really enjoyed this pregnancy is pregnancy Pilates. I’ve never done Pilates before and I was so excited to be approached by the lovely lady behind FitBumpBox, Dr. Joanna Helcke to review her fantastic FitBumpBox package and weekly online pregnancy Pilates videos. I wanted to be able to do some lightweight exercise during pregnancy and this has been absolutely brilliant.

The FitBumpBox comes with all the equipment you need for your weekly sessions, including a resistance band, a hand-sewn Pilates cushion, a mini Pilates ball and a few little extra gifts (I’ll share the full contents and more information in my review post in the next few weeks).

4. Love Boo

I’m completely obsessed with skincare products and I was sent two amazing items from Love Boo. Love Boo are a luxury natural baby and mummy skincare brand that I absolutely love and discovered during my pregnancy with Rowan. I was sent their Super Stretchy Miracle Oil and their Bosom Buddy breast cream that has been designed to prevent stretch marks and help to lift, firm and tone the next and chest area.

I love using these products on a daily basis as they just feel so luxurious on your skin and smell absolutely amazing. I’ll be writing a full review on these two products very soon and I highly recommend all of the Love Boo range.

5. Vital Touch Natalia Beautiful Pregnant Body Box & Radiance Replenish Facial Trio Skincare

Some more amazing skincare products suitable for pregnant ladies that I was lucky enough to be sent to review (I will be publishing a full review in the next few weeks). The Vital Touch Natalia Beautiful Pregnant Body Box includes natural and organic pregnancy essentials such as Prenatal Anti-Stretch Butter, Prenatal Leg Refresher, Prenatal Beautiful Body Scrub, an Organic Ultra Soft Cotton Flannel and a useful Step-By-Step Pregnancy & Labour Massage Guide. All of the products are absolutely lovely and are used a couple of times a week. The Prenatal Leg Refresher is the perfect item to cool down tired and achy legs and feet!

I was also sent the Vital Touch Radiance Replenish Facial Trio Skincare (new to their range) and I use these products every single day. I have awful skin with pregnancy making it even worse and thankfully this skincare range is fantastic for sensitive skin. The trio of skincare products includes a Clarifying Facial CleanserEnriching Facial Moisturiser and a Facial Exfoliator

6. Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

This is an absolutely amazing bra and one of the comfiest in the world (as voted by me!). I actually recently reviewed this if you’d like to have a little look. It really helped me through some very uncomfortable days in early pregnancy and I recommend it to anyone. It’ll see you through the whole of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey afterwards. I also wore it with Rowan even though he was bottle fed.

7. Secret Saviours

I’ve been lucky enough to have been working with the amazing Secret Saviours throughout my pregnancy so far. The Secret Saviour products have been designed to help prevent stretch marks on your bump area. The anti-stretch mark pack includes a day gel to be used with an anti-stretch mark band during the day and some night cream. The gel and cream smell absolutely divine and I’ve loved using the products and will be using them until the end of pregnancy and onwards. They feel amazing on my skin and the anti-stretch mark band helps support my lower back too!

8. The Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

I won a Theraline Pillow last year whilst pregnant with the baby we lost during early miscarriage. So of course I couldn’t use it and it was put safely away. We’re so lucky that we got pregnant again and I was able to get this comfortable pillow out of storage, which I was very excited about.

The Theraline Pillow is essentially a pillow that can be used during your pregnancy and for breastfeeding/bottle feeding after birth. The pillow is filled with millions of tiny micro beads that contour your body during pregnancy, whether you use it in bed at night or just for using as a normal cushion during the day.

It gives incredible support and as I suffer from Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) it’s helped a little with the pain I’ve had whilst in bed at night as it keeps your body aligned in a position that eases PGP pain. It also helps with back pain whilst sitting up.

The Theraline comes in an array of beautiful colours, mine is a vibrant hot pink!

9. Big Pants

And I mean those big granny full bummer style pants (full brief) that reach up to your belly button! Super sexy 😉 Seriously though, they are unbelievably comfortable and I always buy a pair bigger than I actually am, which gives you plenty of bump growing room. Actually since Rowan was born I’ve only been able to wear huge pants as I can’t bare anything touching my c-section scar, so they’ll be around for a little longer yet.

10. Water

In the first few months of this pregnancy I couldn’t get enough water. It wasn’t that I was thirsty I just really craved the taste and the coolness of it. Unfortunately it had to be cold bottled water and I dread to think how many bottles I got through. It’s kept my skin really hydrated though, bonus!

I think those are the main essentials that I’ve used and have definitely helped me to survive the pregnancy so far. Please note I am suffering with baby brain and I’ve no doubt missed something out! I’d love to know what your pregnancy essentials are or were.

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