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Rowan is interested in anything technology related (not sure how normal that is for a 2.5 year old!), in particular my phone and he’s now worked out how to watch some of his favourite programmes on the tablet (with adult supervision of course). He’s also recently started enjoying playing little games on them too and we were recently asked to review a new playtime App called Pip Ahoy!

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If you’ve not heard of Pip Ahoy! before it’s a children’s television programme that is shown on Milkshake! on Channel 5. The lead character Pip is a young puppy who has free reign over a seaside town called Salty Cove. Everyone who lives there knows Pip and he has three best friends to go exploring with on lots of different adventures together.

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The App is available to download from iTunes or Android stores and costs £1.99. It consists of five Pip Ahoy! themed games including:

Where’s Alan? – This is Rowan’s favourite game as he is obsessed with penguins at the moment. Essentially you have to tap on different objects to see if Alan the Penguin is hiding behind them.

Ride the Bubble Train – This is my favourite one as you get to drive a bubble train around Salty Cove and you can pick up other characters along the way.

Feed the Puffins – This is a great little game for teaching your little one colours and numbers. Rowan is learning both of these so it is great for him. All you need to do is tap on one of the puffins and you’re then asked to feed them a number of seeds in a certain colour.

I Spy with my Scopey Eye – An eye-spy inspired game where you have to find set objects throughout Salty Cove.

Sail the Rubber Duck – Here you get to captain a boat and collect items in the water by driving next to them.

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There is also a category called ‘Sticker Book’, whilst playing the games you collect different stickers that will then automatically go to your sticker book. This is a nice little added extra and I can imagine older children really enjoying that challenge and filling it up with all the stickers that can be collected throughout the App.

Pip Ahoy! is aimed at pre-schoolers, although Rowan is 2.5 years old and he really enjoyed playing the games with supervision. I do have to help him with them a little and I’m not sure he fully understands them, though with any toys we buy him we always go for ones aimed at older children to try and get more use from them. It’s definitely an App he will grow into and can explore in lots of different ways as he gets older. He’s also started watching the TV programme now and can easily recognises the different characters, particularly Alan the penguin.

The App is easy to navigate and is really user friendly. We love all of the bright colours and the simple design of it and we’ll be enjoying this for a long while. It’s such a great price at £1.99 too, definitely worth it and will keep your little ones entertained during designated screen time. I suspect it may keep Rowan entertained for a few minutes while I get through the vacuuming!

Have you heard of Pip Ahoy! before?

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