32 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #2

Oh my goodness, against my intentions I’ve not published an update since week 22, unbelievable! Time has gone by so quickly and I can’t believe baby will be here in the next seven weeks (so long as I don’t go overdue again!). I’ve set myself a new goal of now posting an update each week before baby arrives.

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken of bumps progression since week 23 and bump is well and truly here now, I feel absolutely HUGE and with only around eight weeks to go I dread to think how big I’ve going to get. We actually had a growth scan last week and baby was already measuring 4lb 8oz! What’s that all about?! I know the growth scans aren’t always exact but it’s definitely going to be a big baby. Rowan was 9lb and I was a 10lb 4oz baby, Alex and I are both tall so we’d hardly ever expect to have a little baby. I love big babies though, they feel so robust!

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update 1 | mummylala.co.uk

The scan was also to see whether my placenta had moved out of the way as it was anterior and very low at 20 weeks. Thankfully it’s fully away from my cervix and also away from my c-section scar which is really good news as it was something I was worrying about.

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update | mummylala.co.uk

Anyway, going forward I’m going to change my pregnancy update format a little as I seem to ramble on and I think something more structured will keep me in check. I’ve had a little chat with the lovely Kate from Pouting in Heels (do go and check out her blog, it’s brilliant) who is currently 39 weeks pregnant and I love her weekly pregnancy updates so I asked if I could replicate the format Kate has been writing hers in with a few other little bits and pieces along the way.

How far along are you and how many days until your due date?

32 weeks and six days! Only days 50 days until the due date

What size is baby?

Well around 4lb 80z if you go along with the measurements at the growth scan.

Weight change?

Yes. With Rowan I put on over 4 stone, which looking back now seems pretty ridiculous, let’s just say I was enjoying eating for two! This time round I’ve put on a stone so far, although I had lost a stone and a half due to morning sickness so pretty much back where I started when I found out we were pregnant again, can’t complain with that!


I can’t get enough of fresh pineapple at the moment! I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea as pineapple is one of those foods that they say can bring on labour. I ate it with Rowan and he was two weeks late so I’ve no worries about this. I’ve also done some research too and unless your eating a ridiculous amount and baby is ready to come there shouldn’t anything to worry about (please don’t take my word as gospel, have a little research about it you’re in any doubt).


I’ve been quite anxious recently as I’m still not sure about whether to have an elective c-section or a VBAC. The midwife and consultant are convinced I’ll be able to labour naturally via VBAC as I was able to get to 10cm dilated with Rowan so they say I can labour, I’m just absolutely terrified of it all going wrong again and having another long labour. The good thing is that the midwife has said that if I was to labour naturally then they won’t let you labour for too long with a VBAC, which is really reassuring.

Having a c-section is a decision not to be taken lightly and there are so many reasons why I would want to go with this option. One of the reasons is really to do with Rowan. We don’t have family or friends near to us that we would want to leave him with if I was to go into labour during the night, etc and having a date to have a c-section means we can organise a family member to come and look after him in time. At the moment if I do go into labour Alex and Rowan would need to drop me off at the hospital until family arrive to look after Rowan – this is a worst case scenario but I’m convinced this is going to happen – ever the pessimist.


Sausage fingers! I have HUGE hands anyway but the fingers are definitely looking a little more sausage like. I’ve been suffering a lot with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) too. In the middle of the night if I lay on one side for too long I end up with the worse pain ever and I have to slowly move onto all fours and then attempt to stand up by the side of the bed. Also been getting a few leg cramps during the night and needing the toilet at least twice a night, which is very unusual for me.


I’m really tired. This week has been a week that Rowan has decided he doesn’t need to nap anymore, which means I don’t get a little nap in the afternoon anymore. I’m not sleeping too badly during the night apart from having to wake up to use the bathroom and turn over in bed. I’ve been waking up around 4am too worrying about a few different things but eventually nod back off for an hour or so before I need to get up.


Baby is moving around lots at the moment, which is so lovely and funny as baby kicked Alex in the head last night whilst he was talking to bump. It’s brilliant just being able to watch the bump moving and makes it all so much more real that baby is nearly ready to come out to see the world.

Things to do this week:

This is going to be a weekly reminder of what we need to do so I’ll update this each week with a little progress report, I think the main things we need to do are:

  • Pack our the hospital bags for both baby and I – Still need to pack these although we do have everything we need
  • Put the IsoFix Car Base in the car along with the baby car seat so they are ready to go
  • Re-organise the study to make space for baby in the master bedroom – we were supposed to do this at the weekend but ran out of time!
  • Build the new changing table – this can only be done once our bedroom has been cleared ready
  • Build the SnuzPod for baby to sleep in- I’m so excited to get this built  and put into position, again can’t do this until the space is clear in our master bedroom
  • Wash all the new bits of clothing and bedding we’ve purchased for baby
  • Decide on some more names!

I’m actually 33 weeks tomorrow so they’ll be another update then.


  1. 17/01/2017 / 8:36 pm

    Ooooo how exciting!!! We too are having the same birth dilemma. My first was natural and second was planned section because he was breech. I had wanted a vbac until last week when basically everyone else said maybe I should think about a section because of everything you said above. It’s such a hard decision 🙁

    • Laura
      17/01/2017 / 9:31 pm

      It really is and I’m completely confused about what to do. I have my consultant appointment in early Feb so have a few weeks to try and work out what I want to do but I just don’t know!!! I’m just terrified about a natural labour going wrong again which is holding me back, and of course the worrying isn’t going to help me through a natural labour easily!!! x

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