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The one thing we always struggle with at home is storage, we just don’t have enough. As a family we seem to constantly have new items coming into the home, then quickly remember that we haven’t got enough room and they can end up in the most random of places with us regularly forgetting where we put things.

We’re on a mission to re-organise our home before bump makes an appearance in around seven weeks time. Having decluttered our home a lot (with Rowan’s toys to tackle next), we still have lots of stuff that doesn’t have a suitable place and are currently in a box in the spare room.

So, I’m always looking out for small and simple storage solutions and anything to help us become more organised. I’ve recently started a handmade business too and also need to find suitable storage for all my business bits and pieces and items that I regularly use as photo props.

I was recently signposted to and they have some amazing products including designer and contemporary storage. I wanted to share my top picks from their website including a design I love and keep spotting around on Instagram. All of the items featured are for going on the walls and with a baby on the way and an adventurous toddler it’s about storing things out of reach of little hands!

Designer Small Storage Solutions |

1. String Pocket Shelving in Oak // £98.10

Ok, this is the shelving unit I’m completely obsessed with. I see it on the feeds of lots of Instagram businesses and the shelves always looks so perfect making the ideal storage solution for knick knacks. It’s a timeless design and would fit into lots of different spaces.

2. String Works Grid Wall Organiser // £65.70

If you follow my blog you’ll also know that I’m keen on all things monochrome and I love this organiser. It’s made from metal that gives a great industrial feel. The three storage pockets it comes with can be placed in lots of positions and can fit lots of different bits and pieces.

3. Vitra Uten Silo ll Wall Storage System // £179.35

This unit is ideal for any stationery or craft lover. My handmade business is making wool pom pom garlands, decor and accessories and I have lots of stationery and small packaging materials that would fit really well into all the little pockets attached to this system. It’s a storage piece that would fit into any room due to its neutral design.

4. Hay Pinorama Bundle // £241

Another perfect solution for organising your work space and storing any stationery!

5. Skagerak Notice Board // £162.90

Who doesn’t love a notice board. Being a busy and growing family it would be useful to have a notice board on the wall to be able to attach our weekly schedules and of course the toddlers works of art!

6. SCP Timberly Hall // £148.75

One problem we’re attempting to solve in the house at the moment is our hallway, we don’t have anything up at the moment to hang our coats and bags. We’ve been shopping around looking at coat stands and hooks and I spotted this solid walnut hall rack and it looks like a piece of art. Although it would be a bit of a shame to cover it!

I’d love to hear if you have any tips or top products that you use for storage.

Disclaimer: Collaborative Post. All words and opinions are my own.

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