38 Weeks Pregnant | Baby #2

Ok, I have been utterly rubbish at publishing pregnancy updates each week as I had intended. The weeks seem to come round so quickly and I completely lose track of time, no baby brain excuses!

38 Week Pregnancy Update | mummylala.co.uk

My last pregnancy update was at 34 weeks and not a lot has changed. We’ve had an uneventful midwife appointment since then and a very successful appointment with the consultant at the hospital, which I had been really anxious about for the past 20 weeks. I wasn’t sure what sort of birth I wanted, whether that be trying for a VBAC or opting for an elective c-section. My original consultants appointment at around 16 weeks didn’t help and I felt I was being pushed into trying for a VBAC and was bombarded with a lot of information, some of it pretty scary and it completely confused me.

The consultant who we saw this time was lovely and listened to all of my worries and we’ve finally opted to have an elective c-section, I’m really happy with this decision. Please note it’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly, I’ve done so much research and we came to the conclusion that a c-section would be better for my mental health and our family.

The consultant I saw was incredibly supportive, understanding and agreeing with our decision without any judgement and we’re super excited now. We have a date booked for when the baby will be evicted, which we’re keeping a secret (we’ve informed close family members). If baby does decide to make an appearance before the c-section date then I will be trying naturally, so watch this space!

38 Weeks Pregnancy Update 2 | mummylala.co.uk

Right, here’s a little update on other bits and pieces…

How far along are you?

38 weeks and not long to go!

What size is baby?

We had a growth scan at 36 weeks and baby was estimated at being 7lb. So it’s going to be very interesting to see if this baby gets to the 9lb mark like Rowan. My bump seems smaller this time round.

Weight change?

I’ve put on around 5lb since the 34 week mark, which I’m quite surprised about as I’ve been eating alot. I just want ALL the food ALL of the time.


Tomatoes, I have them with nearly every meal and I’m going through punnets and punnets of them, yummy.


All over the place, excited one moment and then a little nervous the next.


Still suffering with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) which is getting worse by the day. It’s worse at night time when I’m trying to turn over in bed as it’s incredibly painful, I know that it’ll disappear as soon as baby arrives so I know there’s an end in sight which is really helping me get through it.

I also have lovely sausage fingers and have had a little bit of heartburn.


I’m still tired most of the time. I’m sleeping ok at night but waking up in pain (see above) and keep needing the loo more and more.


Baby is still a little wriggler and tends to be more active in the evening or when Rowan is sat next to me on the sofa, which is quite cute as you can see the baby shifting to be closer to him.

Things to do this week:

This was the list from my last update…

  • Pack our the hospital bags for both baby and I
  • Put the IsoFix Car Base in the car along with the baby car seat so they are ready to go
  • Build the SnuzPod for baby to sleep in- I’m so excited to get this built  and put into position, again can’t do this until the space is clear in our master bedroom
  • Wash all the new bits of clothing and bedding we’ve purchased for baby
  • Decide on some more name ideas!

I’m extremely pleased to say that the hospital bags are packed, the car seat is in the car, the SnuzPod is built and I just need to put the sheets on, etc.

All the washing has been completed for the baby and it looks like we just need to decide on some more name options. We have a definite boys name and a girls name but we want a couple of back ups in case the baby doesn’t suit either of the ones we’ve already chosen!

38 Week Pregnancy Update The Little Bearcub Co | mummylala.co.ukI also mentioned at my 34 weeks pregnancy update that we were on the search for a few little presents that Rowan could gift to the baby on their first meeting, and we purchased these gorgeous little items from The Little BearCub Co., make sure you go and check them out as they have some amazing monochrome goodies.

See you next week at my 39 week update, eek!


  1. 26/02/2017 / 11:58 pm

    Good on you for making a plan and being happy with it x

  2. 30/03/2017 / 3:03 pm

    Congratulations on the baby!

    Awesome! Glad you’ve been able to make a decision! We’ve just decided on a VBAC after going back and forth throughout the entire pregnancy. It’s such a hard decision right!?

    Absolutely love the snuzpod, it’s been on my wish list for a while. Can you write (when you have time!!!) about how it is to use?!

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