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Now that we have two children (a newborn and a toddler) the amount of disposable nappies we’re currently getting through is pretty ridiculous, fingers crossed Rowan will be out of nappies in the next couple of months as he’s showing some key signs that he’s ready to be potty trained.

In the meantime the nappy situation has been helped greatly by the arrival of the Korbell Nappy Bin from Cheeky Rascals that we’ve been asked to review.

Korbell Nappy Bin Review | mummylala.co.uk-2

We were sent the pure white Korbell Nappy Bin in size ‘mini’ which is a 9 litre size nappy bin and it is brilliant. When Rowan was born we used another well known nappy bin that did its job but it wasn’t very good at disguising the smell of dirty nappies, even being emptied every other day.

With the Korbell Nappy Bin you don’t have to worry about nappy odours as the bin has a double seal. You use the foot pedal to open it up, then there’s another flap that covers the bin and you simply push your nappy through it, the nappy then drops into the biodegradable liner below and the small flap then shuts to keep odours inside (even when the flap is opened you can’t smell anything). Then the main lid of the bin shuts once you release your foot from the pedal. It really is so simple to use.

Once the bin is full it’s also really simple to empty. All you do is open up the front of the bin, pull the plastic liner with the nappies out, then use the little cutter on the door of the bin to cut through the plastic bag. You then tie a knot in both the cut ends disposing the old nappies in your normal rubbish bin.

Korbell Nappy Bin Review | mummylala.co.uk

It’s a super stylish and slim bin that currently lives in the corner of our bathroom. It has a sleek design and because the one we were sent is white it fits in with our bathroom decor and doesn’t take up much room. In fact you hardly notice it’s there. You can also use it as a normal bin when you no longer need it for nappies.

The Korbell Nappy Bin comes in three sizes, mini (9L at £22.50), standard (15L at £29.99) and plus (26L at £39.99). It is available in four colours, including pure white, soft pink, mint green and pastel blue, so there’s a colour to suit any nursery/bathroom decor or any room that you wish to house this nappy bin. They do require bin liners (really easy to change), and these are available from the Cheeky Rascals online shop.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Korbell Nappy Bin for the purpose of this review.

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