The Secret of Adding French Style to Your Home

We’ve compiled a list to help bring some French style into your home. This doesn’t have to break the bank and remember small changes can make a big difference; you don’t need to redecorate your whole house to achieve a stunning French feel.

The secret to adding French style to your home 1

Keep it Simple and Add Texture

Typically French style is simple, neutral and delicate. One way to create this is to decorate your bed in neutral colours and layer with textures. A woolly throw over soft, white bed linen creates depth and texture where the nude colours can’t. Further texture can be created through lace and fringing on your throw or pillows. Don’t worry about being too neat, a French home is never over styled and a wrinkled linen duvet cover adds more texture.

Go Vintage

Focusing on basic, homely decorations – incorporating vintage or secondhand items into your home can add French style. Secondhand vases could display house plants, popular in France where typically many homes have terraces bringing the natural world indoors. To continue the vintage theme throughout your home, display apothecary jars and handmade soaps among your perfumes.

The secret to adding French style to your home 2

Embrace the Outdoors

To continue the vintage theme you could frame your windows with distressed wooden shutters. Equally, long plain curtains that pool onto the floor are typically French where simplicity is a focus of their interior design. These could frame patio doors, which could be added to your living room or your kitchen, in a typical white, simple style. The French embrace the outdoors and patio doors bring the outdoors in, giving the illusion of space and creating natural light.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

Free standing storage pieces are typical of a French home and can be bought cheaper secondhand, again creating a vintage feel. Aim for distressed wood in nude colours, with more ornate decoration on the legs or handles. The French wardrobe is the armoire, a free standing piece with draws and shelves as well as a hanging rod. You could even just use a hanging rod instead of a full wardrobe and have some of your clothes on display.


French homes often display more than a typical English home, and this doesn’t need to be expensive. Display what you already own, for example your jewellery. You could purchase a vintage mannequin, or for a cheaper alternative decorate your dressing table with lace pieces to display your jewellery on.

Adding French style to your home doesn’t need to be expensive, secondhand and vintage is exactly what you need. Remember to stick to a nude palette, focusing on pale mint, whites and greys and instead use textures to create depth.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post

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