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We love discovering new brands, especially those aimed at little ones. A few weeks after Sergio was born we were sent a lovely package of new toys from the brand BKids. This was a brand I’d not heard of before and we’re now big fans of them. They have a wide range of toys designed for baby’s and toddlers and we received a number of their sensory toys from their latest collection.

The BKids sensory toy range has been designed to educate, entice and excite baby’s and toddlers. The toys are multifunctional and are the perfect items to learn with your baby who will be able to play with them in lots of different ways as they grow.

Sensory Discovery Robot

This is currently one of Sergio’s favourites from the range. This super cute, interactive robot always brings a little smile to his face. He is still too young to play with this on his own (it is aimed at babies 6 months and older), although he enjoys having it placed in front of him to look at and he loves it when I show him how to play with it, he’s constantly reaching out for it.

BKids Sensory Discovery Robot | mummylala.co.uk

The robot lights up and plays various tunes when you either pull, push and twist the various function that is has. It also has a face that changes when baby pulls down on the lever, this always gets a giggle from Sergio.

Senso Balls

The Senso Balls come in a box of six. They are all different colours and soft textures and are great for tummy time. Sergio likes to reach out for them when you place them in front of him when he is on the floor.

BKids Senso Balls | mummylala.co.uk

All of the balls have been designed to help develop your baby’s gross motor skills. At the moment the pink coloured ball is really easy for little ones who have recently discovered their hands and how to grip toys, as this one has long protruding elements to them so baby can grasp it easily.

They are great for teething too!

Sensory Turtle

A cute little character in the shape of a turtle. It features four textured sensory balls that fit into the ‘shell’ of the turtle making for easy storage and great for hand-eye coordination as baby grows. Again these are all really soft and are high contrast colours.

BKids Sensory Turtle | mummylala.co.uk

All of the BKids sensory toys mentioned above are really well made and are of really high quality. I can definitely see all of the toys being used for many months and even years as Sergio grows up. His older brother Rowan also loves playing with the toys with Sergio.

The colours of the items are all really bright and bold and will be great for teaching Sergio all about colours when he becomes old enough.

These three products are currently available to purchase online via a number of sites such as Amazon, Smyths or Kidly, with prices ranging from £9.99.

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent these items for the purpose of this honest review. All words, opinions and photos are our own.

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