How to Get Your Garden Ready For The Children This Summer

A lot of children can spend hours playing indoors and the summer is the perfect opportunity to get them outdoors. I’ve put together a really easy guide on how to get your garden ready for the children this summer and to entice them outdoors into your garden.


Getting the Garden Ready

Children will play in your garden if they have plenty of space. If your grass is long enough so you can’t even see them, then it needs a little trim. Ensure you cut your grass and do the weeding.

If there are any nettles then these could hurt your children and stop them from wanting to play outside. One good tip for getting rid of nettles without them stinging you is to pour boiling water over them before pulling them out.

If you would like some help sorting your garden out ready for summer then why not think about hiring gardener to help you. Before hiring a gardener I’d recommend getting some quotes off local gardens so you know the rough cost of garden maintenance.

Water Play

With any luck, the summer will have plenty of sunny days. In this case, you need to give your kids plenty of opportunities to cool down with lots of water play. Consider getting a paddling pool if you haven’t got one already. Some of the best are really quick to inflate since you only need to blow up the top ring, and you can find them really cheaply too.

Also, you could choose a pool with a cover so that you can leave it out all summer long. Consider using a net to remove any leaves and dead insects from the water.

Slides & Swings

Children get a lot of enjoyment playing outside. If you don’t already have a swing or a slide in your garden then consider buying some. These simple toys will help to encourage your kids to enjoy playing outside rather than sitting on the sofa in the house. If you do already have slides and swings then make sure they are clean and inviting for your kids to play on.


Another great way to keep children occupied and tire them out at the same time is to get a trampoline. It’s really important to make sure you choose one which has a safety net around the outside, otherwise they can be quite dangerous.

Playing outside is much healthier than having them stay inside all summer. It will improve their mood and also (hopefully!) tire them out. This should make them sleep better which will make your entire house happier and stress free.

Disclaimer: Collaborative post

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