Choosing the Right Products for Baby – Natural Care & Its Benefits to Baby’s Skin

Before our children arrived into the world I spent quite some time looking into what products to use both in the sense of skincare, clothing and to foods we’d feed them when it got to the fun weaning stages. I wanted to be able to give them the best possible start in the world and wanted to use products that were as natural as possible and to carry on doing so into those first precious early years.

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When your little bundle of joy arrives they are so delicate and from that initial skin to skin contact you want to protect them as much as you can and this also means choosing suitable products to help look after them. Within hours of them arriving into the world they are put into their first nappy and outfit, which must feel really strange for them!

You then have the fun of all those seemingly endless nappy changes and the first products get put onto their skin. You don’t want to use anything that could irritate them as their skin can be very sensitive at the beginning. Both of our boys suffered from quite dry skin and we didn’t want to use any products that could possibly dry their skin out even more.

We also didn’t give either of our little boys a bath until three weeks after they’d arrived into the world as there was no real need too. Instead we would keep them clean using baby wipes, cotton wool and water.

Natural Skincare with Huggies |

When it comes to baby wipes, HUGGIES® Newborn Wipes tick all of our boxes as they are suitable from the first day your baby arrives into the world.. They are made with natural fibres making them really soft and perfect for gently cleaning and caring for your baby’s delicate skin. With 99% water, they are hypoallergenic, clinically tested and completely free from phenoxyethanol, parabens and alcohol.

Babies can have really sensitive skin and it’s important that you choose products that are natural, pure, gentle and kind. Which is why we like to look for natural products where we can that we know will be less likely to cause allergies or irritation. We’re careful with the products that touch our baby’s delicate, developing skin.

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