Two Of The Best Clothes Catalogues For Children

Ordering items for your children from a catalogue can provide you with lots of benefits. You don’t have to visit crowded shops in your local town centre or shopping centre, and you can have purchases delivered straight to your door. But with so many children’s catalogues out there on the market, which one is best? And which one should you choose? Here are two of the best children’s clothing catalogues in the UK.



Very sells a wide range of products for all ages, including clothing for adults. They also have an extensive range for children too, with clothes manufactured from top global brands. You’ll also find fashion and accessories from less-known labels.

With Very, you can apply for a credit account online or over the phone. If you are accepted for an account, you can spread the cost of payments and make repayments on a monthly basis. You’ll receive a letter from Very every month with the purchases you have made since the last billing period and the minimum payment amount you will need to make.

La Redoute

French brand La Redoute has a wide range of clothes for kids, including fashion must-haves. You’ll find clothes in various sizes and styles, and you can have your items delivered directly to your door.┬áThis is a great idea if you want to order clothes for your children but live far away from your nearest town centre or shopping centre.

The application process for a new credit account is simple, and you should receive a decision about your account straight away. You can also use a promotional code when you place an order from the company’s website.

Although offers vary, you might be eligible for free delivery or money off the total cost of your order.

La Redoute is one of the most popular children’s catalogues in the UK, and the company has a wide range of customer service options. You can speak to a member of staff if you have a query about your account, for example.

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