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For the past couple of months we have started planning for potty training Rowan. He turned three last month and is showing all the classic signs of being ready that we’ve read about. He tells us when he has done a number one or a number two, he’s also become less interested in wearing a nappy and wants to wear underwear, which we refer to as his ‘bog boy pants’, though being a three year old he’d prefer to have nothing on!

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We first introduced a potty earlier this year, just so Rowan could get used to seeing one around the house and also for us to start teaching him what it is for. We have one situated upstairs in the bathroom, which he does use from time to time before bath time. We were then sent a My Carry Potty from Cheeky Rascals, and this one currently lives downstairs and gets used at least once a day.

Alex has a week off mid August and we’re going to spend that week fully potty training Rowan, which should be interesting!

The My Carry Potty is a great little potty that has been designed to be used in the home and also whilst out and about. Before we were introduced to the My Carry Potty, we did worry a little about what we would do with Rowan when outdoors during his potty training and this is the perfect product for us.

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It is completely leak proof (we have put this to the test at home!) and is hygienic. It’s really easy to empty and keep clean, once used we just give it a wipe with an antibacterial wipe or spray. The added bonus with this potty is that you don’t need any additional bags to use with it. It’s lightweight with a latch system and also has a really useful handle to make carrying it easier – Rowan loves to carry it around.

The My Carry Potty retails for £26.99 and is available in a range of fun designs, including the cow design that we have, a ladybird and a bee, all really colourful designs and fun characters.

My Carry Potty | Review 3 |

We highly recommend the My Carry Potty. It’s really well made and seems very robust. Rowan is a big fan of it and it’s definitely going to make his potty training experience fun and hopefully relatively incident free!

For those that have already potty trained their little ones, I’d love to know if you have any hints or tips for us?

Disclaimer: We were sent this item for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and images are our own.

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