Fun & Useful Ways to Use Step Ladders

There are many household items that are often found in the majority of homes, even if they’re not a necessity. Step ladders are one of those items that you can rest assured most homeowners will have somewhere, we in fact have two sets for some unknown reason.

Whether it’s gathering dust in the loft or taking pride of place in the kitchen, there’s bound to be a step ladder in the house somewhere. Ever wondered how you could really make the most out of your step ladder? Well, below are few unique and fun ways in which you can use your step ladder and really make the most out of this household essential.

Fun & Useful Ways to Use Step Ladders|

Gardening Projects

One of the most popular uses for the step ladder is for gardening. It may seem like a random item to use, but step ladders are ideal for reaching those awkward areas. You’ll find your step ladder comes in use for projects such as trimming the hedge, cutting back the bushes, picking fruit from your trees and even just reaching places you couldn’t normally get too.

They’re also useful for sitting on when you need a quick 2-minute break from the gardening work, which is always a bonus!

Plant Holder

In keeping with the theme of gardens, another great use for the step ladder is, surprisingly, a plant holder. No matter where you choose to position your step ladder, you can dress it up beautifully by displaying some gorgeous plants on both levels. With planted pots on the step ladder, they will be positioned at a reasonable height and help to add character and style to the room. This will also help to free up valuable surface space in other areas, as you often find that plants can take up a lot of room.

If you really wanted to make the plant holder stand out, why not give it a fresh coat of paint to really make it fit in with the décor of the room your using it in.


For some people, step ladders are quite an aesthetical item and can help to finish a room perfectly. Using a step ladder as décor simply enables you to fill a little bit of empty space, lift the atmosphere and add character. You could paint your step ladder with a unique pattern or design to make it stand out and this will automatically transform it into an additional décor piece.

Cleaning Tasks

If you’ve ever tried to dust the top shelf of the bookcase or empty the top of the cupboard in the kitchen, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Clambering on the kitchen units and trying to climb up the bookcase shelving are not safe or sensible options, and using a step ladder can help eliminate those potential risks. Having a step ladder on hand to help with day-to-day cleaning tasks is useful, as you never know where you may need to reach with your duster!

It’s also great for giving you that little boost when cleaning the shower or even when washing the windows.

Mini Bookshelf

Some home owners like the look of magazines displayed on the table, or the odd book scattered around the room. Step ladders would make a really cute little bookshelf with plenty of space to store a magazine or two. Position your step ladder in the corner of the living room with a few current magazines or classic novels and you can guarantee people will be encouraged to pick them up and have a read, and if they’re not, the step ladder will still look good and add a touch of character.

Children’s Seat

When you have little ones, who want to help you make dinner, wash up or even just want to watch what you’re doing, a step ladder can be very useful. Providing your little ones with a small seat to park their bottoms whilst they watch you do your thing will help to keep them still, as well as help you keep an eye on them. They could also use a step ladder as a small step in the bathroom to reach the sink and so on, so there are plenty of practical purposes to help your little ones feel more like a grown up!

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