A Guide to Growing Strong and Healthy Plants

Growing your own plants is a really rewarding project to undertake. There’s something very satisfying about seeing that first growth in the stem, and of course, that first flower bloom.

Although I’m not very green fingered (as I don’t like creepy crawlies) Alex is and does the majority of the gardening, although I can just about mow the lawn! Rowan also loves to help out and get his hands dirty.

Each year we attempt to grow strawberries and tomatoes, it’s great being able to show Rowan where some of his food comes from and it’s great fun picking the ripened fruits with him. We’ve also tried to grow sunflowers this year, although I think we left it a little too late as we’ve seen some huge ones whilst out and about and they definitely put our small ones to shame!

A Guide to Growing Strong and Healthy Plants 2 | mummylala.co.uk

There are so many incredible plants that are really easy to grow and maintain with the help of your little ones, all you have to do is ensure you’re following the right steps to keep your plants healthy and strong and we have a few tips to share with you.

Take Your Time

Time is everything when it comes to growing plants, you can’t rush the process. Everything happens naturally and you have to learn to be patient and let nature take its course. When you decide to invest your time into a gardening project, you need to ensure you have plenty of time to dedicate to different maintenance tasks.

Watering your plants is a daily step to take and such a fun activity to get your children to help with. You can also check that no pests are getting in the way of their growth – we seem to have quite a few problems with slugs getting to our strawberry plants!

It’s also important to figure out what time you have available each day to put into your project, then you can focus on growing healthy, strong and beautiful plants.

A Guide to Growing Strong and Healthy Plants | mummylala.co.uk

Preparation is Key

It’s important to prepare properly before you begin your gardening projects, as you need to ensure you have everything you need for your project to be a success. Start by figuring out exactly what you need to carry out your project, including materials, gardening tools, etc. There are plenty of great tools to help you grow your plants in the best way and you can find them for really good prices when you shop around.

You should also ensure you prepare your gardening area well too, as it’s important to have a space that has frequent sunlight, fresh air and plenty of room to grow to its full potential.

The Right Products and Tools

If you were going to cook a delicious meal, you’d want to purchase the very best ingredients to do so. It’s the same with growing plants, as your main focus is to grow plants that are going to bloom and grow into gorgeous flowers.

Investing in high quality products will ensure you’re giving your plants the very best to help them grow healthy and strong. It’s important to do your research and make sure you are purchasing the right products for the right plants, as you often find that certain gardening products differ and help to stimulate plant growth in different ways.

You then have your gardening tools. When you begin your gardening projects, you may not be aware of how much you’re going to rely on your trusty tools, so it’s important to invest in some top-quality ones that are going to see you through to the end.

There are a selection of great gardening brands on the market with wide ranges of useful gardening tools, including Greenhouse Sensation, Haws and Red Pig.

Plenty of Sunlight

Plants require lots of sunlight to help them grow. Plants need to be positioned in an area that has frequent sunlight shining down. It’s surprising to many, just how much the sun impacts your growing, especially in the initial stages.

If your plants lack sunlight then you’ll notice they take longer to grow, develop differently and even grow looking limp and lifeless. Figure out which area of your garden receives the most sunlight throughout the day and then you can select the perfect location for your project to go.

I’d love to know if you have any gardening projects on the go at the moment.

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