Five Great Gift Ideas For New Mums

From carrying the baby for 9 months, to the labour and adapting to new life with a little one, new mums go through a lot when welcoming a newborn into the world. After months of hard work, emotions and new experiences, it’s time for those new mummies to be spoilt and have a little TLC themselves, which can be done so beautifully with a gift.

From personalised jewellery, to pampering kits, here is a list of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts you can purchase for a glowing new mum.

Five Great Gift Ideas For New Mums |

Homemade Meals

One of the biggest challenges when adapting to life with a newborn is trying to balance everyday life with the constant needs of the baby. Simple tasks such as cooking a tasty meal can be extremely difficult, so preparing some delicious home cooked meals for the new family to enjoy could be exactly what they need. By providing them with a weeks’ worth of tasty dinners, you’ll be ensuring they’re getting the right amount of food they need to keep their energy levels up, which will be needed with a newborn baby!

Breastfeeding Items

If you’re buying for a first-time mummy, you may find that gifting them a breastfeeding shawl will really help build their confidence when breastfeeding. It’s always a struggle when having to breastfeed in public, not quite knowing where is best to go or making sure you don’t offend anyone. A breastfeeding shawl can be used to help you to breastfeed in comfort, without having to worry about anything other than feeding your beautiful baby. They’re also ideal for spillages too, as you know just how messy breastfeeding a newborn can be.

Personalised Jewellery

For more of a memorable, meaningful gift, you may want to look at gifting a new mummy with a personalised necklace. An initial necklace is perfect for giving to a new mum, whether you have the initials of the baby (first, middle and last names) or you combine the initials of the baby and mummy in one. This gift is something that can be cherished forever and wear every day, which will mean so much to them over the years. You often find that sentimental gifts like these are very much appreciated, as it’s something unique and unexpected that they can hold onto.

Pamper Hampers

Throughout the pregnancy, there is very little time for pampering, especially when the bump gets so big and it gets difficult to bend. Then, when the baby is born, it becomes next to impossible to set out some time to pamper and relax. Gifting a new mum with a pamper hamper, however, can help encourage them to take 15 minutes at the end of the day to spend on themselves, whether that’s with a face mask, some new nail varnish or even a nice new bubble bath. Fill up the pamper hamper with lots of goodies such as chocolate, fancy coffee or tea, bubble bath, new nail varnishes and face masks to help them get some much needed ‘me’ time and get a few moments of relaxation in.

Magazine Subscriptions

As a new mum, there are lots of things that you want answers to and you often find yourselves looking towards other mums for advice. By gifting a new mummy a magazine subscription, for a magazine designed for mums and babies, you can give her a weekly or monthly supply of important information that will help them answer questions and understand life as a new mum. It will also give them something to do for the small amount of time that the baby is managing to sleep!

Did you receive any memorable gifts when you became a new parent?

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