A Small Business Adventure

For those of you that don’t know. I started my own small business around nine months ago and it’s being growing from strength to strength. My small business is called La Pom Pom and I handcraft felt ball and pom pom garlands, decor and jewellery.

At the moment I just run it on Instagram, and it’s been absolutely fantastic and has given me a slow start to the small business world. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll hopefully be launching my Etsy store and my Shopify store too, so watch this space!

A Small Business Adventure

Having my own small business has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now and since Rowan entered the world, around three years ago, I decided to not return to work after my maternity leave and I became a stay at home parent.

During that first year at home with Rowan, I started my blog but I also wanted to be able to sell items that I could make (having worked in various sales roles it was something that appealed to me hugely) and I thought that I should set up something on my own and become self employed. So, I brainstormed lots of different creative ideas and decided to make pom poms and sell them online, that then emerged into using felt balls to create items and recently jewellery.

Being a small business owner it’s really important to look after your accounts and with the amount of orders I’ve received I needed to be able to save money around the postage and delivery of orders both within the UK and with international shipping too. It’s also been important to me to find a trusted company who you know will be able to deliver your packages safely and on time.

There are companies, such as TNT, that offer a courier service, they offer a next day delivery service before 9am, 10am and midday – which is ideal if you have an order that needs to arrive at its destination within a certain time limit. You can also can now check for postage prices online by simply entering a few details about where the parcel needs picking up from, where it needs delivering along with the size and weight of it. You’re then usually offered lots of different options of which service you would like along with the prices.

Disclaimer: Collaborative Post.

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