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Now that Sergio is six months old we are slowly transitioning him to start sleeping in his own bedroom. Most of the time he is still in with us in the main bedroom, sleeping right next to my side of the bed, which I absolutely love, but I’m quite a light sleeper and Sergio is now starting to disturb us a little in the night as he is so wriggly. He still wakes up once a night for a feed so it’s been useful to have him next to us where I can breastfeed him easily.

At present we put him down in his own bedroom for his daytime naps (when he decides to have them that is!) following a good feed and he sleeps really well in his room. We like to make sure his bedroom is a nice, quiet space to chill out and he’s got a lovely little friend that accompanies him to sleep each time he naps. So, let me introduce you to the Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Ladybird.

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Slumber Buddies have been designed to create a tranquil environment for little ones, and that is certainly something it definitely does. As we take Sergio in his room for a nap we turn on the Ladybird and immediately you can see the projection of stars that it offers. The light show is displayed all around the room and you can easily change the colour of the stars to red, green or blue.

The Ladybird plays three lullabies and two soothing white noise sounds, a heartbeat and also the sound of a waterfall. Sergio’s favourite seems to be the Brahms lullaby (we like to sing over…”go to sleep, go to sleep….”etc.).

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It’s really simple to use. There are three buttons on top of the Ladybird. One to turn on the sounds, and each time you press it a different sound or lullaby will play. There’s also a button for the projection and again each time you press it a different colour will show. The final button is the volume button and there are three volumes to choose from.

We also use the Slumber Buddies Ladybird during the day for sensory play activities and Sergio loves watching the stars and listening to the different sounds that it makes.

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There’s a small button on the compartment where you put the batteries in. This regulates how long you can have the Ladybird on for before it turns itself off. So, depending on how long it takes your little one to fall asleep depicts the setting you can choose to have it on. You can pick between 15, 30 and 45 minutes and the Ladybird automatically shuts off after the time is up.

The Slumber Buddies retail at £24.99 and come in an array of adorable little characters including the Ladybird shown here, as well as Luna the Lamb, Dozing Hippo, Betty the Bee, Eddie the Elephant, Bella the Butterfly and Frankie the Frog.

We highly recommend our Slumber Buddy as it helps sooth Sergio to sleep and is the perfect sleep aid. It may have helped me fall asleep on occasion too (ok I admit it most definitely did).

I’m also interested in hearing what favourite lullabies you or your babies like best?

Disclaimer: We were sent this item as part of this review. All words, pictures and opinions are our own.

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