Using Mirrors in Your Home & Garden with Cox & Cox

We moved into our home around 18 months ago and are still adding some final finishing touches. One thing we haven’t done yet, which we plan to do, is add some more mirrors throughout the home. At the moment we just have a few functional bathroom mirrors that were already in the house when we moved in. One attached to the medicine cabinet and the other is set into the bathroom wall.

We have three places we’d like to add mirrors, which may seem a lot, but we live in quite a dark house that is cottagey in style, and there are areas in the home that don’t get a lot of light, so with the help of mirrors we plan to add some much needed light and to create the illusion of space.

Cox & Cox have a fantastic and wide range of mirrors, all different shapes and sizes that would fit perfectly into our home. I’ve put together a few of my favourites for you – it was a little difficult narrowing it down to these as I could have quite happily shown you all of them in this post.

First of all I really like the Ava Embossed Full Length Mirror, it’s made from steel with a feminine rustic embossed pattern. This would sit perfectly at the end of our upstairs landing, as this is where we struggle with light the most, especially when all of the doors are shut. There is a large window that runs adjacent at the other end of the landing and the light would catch and reflect from the mirror into the darker parts of the hallway, which would help brighten it up. It would also add the illusion of more depth to the landing.


Mirrors are also a great way to dress your walls, particularly above a mantel piece or fireplace. There’s a blank space above our wood burner in our lounge area and the Vintage Bevelled Mirror or the French Hanging Mirror from Cox & Cox would sit perfectly just above it. I love the way these style of mirrors hang with the chain hanging at the top.

Having a mirror situated here would help add more light and space, plus the fireplace is parallel to our bay window and that looks out over our garden. If we’re sat on our sofa we’ll be able to see the reflection of the garden from the mirror. I love the idea of that helping to add some greenery to the lounge area and bring nature indoors.

Top Tips on Using Mirrors in Your Home & Garden with Cox & Cox |

The last area we’d like to incorporate a mirror in the home is in our entrance way, again add some much needed light and also to add the illusion of more space. I also think having a mirror in this area is really welcoming when you have guests too. The two mirrors featured below from Cox and Cox would add a great statement piece to the area with the extra detailing of the beaded edges.

It’s always handy having a mirror in the hallway too so you can make sure you’re reasonably presentable before leaving the house!

Using Mirrors in Your Home & Garden with Cox & Cox |

Don’t forget the outdoor space either, as it seems very popular at the moment to have mirrors in the garden and Cox & Cox have a range of mirrors exactly for this.

I’d love to know what you think of the mirrors I’ve chosen?

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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