Five Disadvantages of Working in a Bad Office Space

Having the perfect office space is essential. To work efficiently and produce quality, it is vital that you work somewhere that harnesses your abilities and doesn’t hinder your skills. To do that, it is vital that you are aware of the disadvantages of working in an inadequate office space, so you can avoid them and work to the best of your ability.

Here are five disadvantages of working in a poor office and the implications that they could have on your business.

Five Disadvantages of Working in a Bad Office Space

Shared Space

Awful offices can be a nightmare. For a start, if you find yourself in a shared workspace you may be greeted with people who serve as a distraction. Sure, a chat is delightful occasionally but you want it to be saved for lunch; not when you’re trying to meet an important deadline. People who aren’t serious about their work is the first warning sign of a work space you don’t want to be in. Be sure to meet the rest of the people working in your space so you can get an idea of who you will be around.

Poor Maintenance

Unless you’re looking at a brand-new building with a brand-new office design that is, you need to give your potential office space a good once over before committing to any kind of payment or deal. If you sign up to a space that has been poorly maintained either by the owner or a previous occupant, this will not reflect well on your business when it comes to visitors. Your workforce’s morale and quality of output may also be adversely affected.

A Poor Layout

In an office with a good layout, there is a feeling of control. A feeling that you know everything that’s going on, and that you are able to step in and control any issues that arise. On the flipside, a bad layout can cause a chaotic and unorganised feel about the place. If people are used to working in a particular layout, and that then changes to something completely different, maintaining a happy workforce can be made an even more difficult task.

No Privacy

In a spacious office, everyone can have some privacy – even if it is open plan. However, in a small space it is completely the opposite. Everyone can hear, see and speak to everybody else with little to no effort at all. This can look exceptional or seem like a good idea initially, but the lack of space means you have very little privacy. People can easily see and hear what others are doing, which can be a problem when it comes to potentially sensitive work. Noise can also become an issue. Also, if you are planning something extremely secretive or sensitive you need to be picky with your space, as landing in a dreadful office could make or break your business.

Lack of Space

Those online pictures might paint a spacious and luxurious picture of your space in your head. Sadly, this can be the complete opposite in reality. A space might look spacious and comfy on their website but turn into a complete nightmare once you get there. Looking for the right office fit out to fit your needs and give you enough room to do your work is vital. Be sure to look around and make sure you have enough room to do all your daily tasks. Working in a cramped work environment is awful for productivity. Plus, your staff morale will be down the drain. No work done, unhappy staff, crammed in with other people – what could be worse?

The disadvantages listed above are just five of many reasons as to why working in a bad office space can cause problems for your business. The selection of office space has arguably never been more important with the increase in technology available to companies as well as the phasing out of ‘boring’ office spaces and the incorporation of spaces that promote interactivity.

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