Fresh & Warm Designs for the Winter Months

Winter months bring chilly weather, so it’s a time to bundle up and settle in for relaxation at home. For comfort and warmth, you might like to update your decor with a fresh and cosy design scheme. From the dining room to the bedroom, you can make each room warm and welcoming with the following ideas:

Fresh & Warm Designs for the Winter Months

Comfortable Living

Lounging comfortably in the living room is important all year round, but don’t forget to bring in warm details for winter. Stock this room with layers of textures by adding dense cushions, pillows and chunky knit blankets, which can be neatly put away in decorative storage baskets.

Try a fresh modern living room scheme for winter. Contrasting deep grey hues and blush pink tones create a rich and warm yet inviting feel in your living room. When painting walls a deep tone, consider an accent wall to keep it light enough for all seasons, with the remaining walls lighter versions of that colour, or white to create maximum contrast.

Warm & Cosy Bedrooms

Given how much time we spend in our bedrooms, it makes sense to keep this room as cosy and peaceful as possible. This environment provides rest and relaxation.

The first step in keeping your bedrooms comfortable in winter or any season is by taking advantage of the warmth of natural sunlight. Wooden shutters keep the heat in the room on cold nights and can be opened to let in warm sunlight during the day, which also cuts down on your heating bill.

Wrap yourself in warm wool and dense flannel. Plush upholstery, wood tones and natural motifs could bring a rich and earthy scheme to the room.

Consider using a combination of light and deep tones. Cream or tan walls combined with deep navy blue bed linens can be paired with pale blue, green or lavender tones. You might even mix in blue French toile prints if you like. Take this country cottage feel further with natural wood panelling and woven rugs.

Welcoming Kitchen

One of the best ways to warm up during the winter is by making food and drinks in the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is a common gathering place, especially when it is warm and filled with wonderful food aromas.

If your kitchen is equipped with neutral appliances, then the sky is the limit when it comes to decor colour options. Consider nature-inspired accent colours such as plum, goldenrod, pale sage or chestnut.

Appetising Dining

There’s nothing as satisfying as gathering together as a family around the dining table to enjoy warm and hearty meals in the winter. Warm colours, such as orange, yellow or red, add cheerfulness and a seasonal touch when used in moderation. These tones are known for increasing appetite and giving a feeling of warmth. If you prefer a minimal colour scheme, then consider painting walls grey and keeping decor neutral with pops of seasonal colours in details, like napkins or the centrepiece.

Winter is when you and your family might like to spend quality time snuggling and enjoying each other’s company. Hopefully these tips help you to create a cosy and inviting interior that everyone will enjoy while staying warm indoors during the winter months.

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