Making the Most of Nappy Changing

It may sound a little strange but I absolutely love the time I spend with Sergio (and Rowan) during nappy changes, although now Sergio is sitting up and on the move – he’s already crawling and trying to stand up – changing time is getting a little more interesting and some what challenging as he won’t keep still. It is very entertaining though trying to think of all the ways we can to keep him from rolling over mid-nappy change!

Making the Most of Nappy Changing 2 |

With both our children we’ve always ensured that change time is a fun experience and also the perfect opportunity for some quality one-on-one time with each of them. We sing songs, play peekaboo, talk baby babble, and ensure we have plenty of important eye contact and skin to skin contact. We are also huge fans of baby massage and change time is a great time to do this with them.

It’s also essential to be organised with nappy changes. It’s important to ensure that we have everything we need in one place (well two places as we have the same set up both up and down stairs) so we don’t then have to go finding things that we may have forgotten as sometimes the unexpected can and does happen – we’re talking explosions of the number two kind and as we have boys those fountains they can produce!

We have two small changing bags with the essential items in, including the main necessities of nappies, HUGGIES® Newborn Wipes, nappy bags and changes of clothing. We also have a muslin in them both for distraction purposes and there to cover them should it be a little cooler, and of course a changing mat.

Making the Most of Nappy Changing |

With Rowan we mainly used a top and tail bowl with water and cotton wool for changing but since Sergio has come along we have discovered that there are baby wipes in the marketplace that are suitable and safe for babies’ from when they first arrive into the world.

It was important to us to keep change time as natural as possible without smells and irritants and so I was pleased to find out that we could use HUGGIES® Newborn Wipes. They are safe to use from day one on your precious little one. They are made with 70% natural fibres and this make them really soft and gentle on babies’ delicate skin. With 99% water, they are hypoallergenic, clinically tested and completely free from phenoxyethanol and parabens. We know that using these wipes at change time won’t distract us from the special time we’re having together.

It’s important that we choose natural products for our children as we want to take care of their skin. We carefully select products for them that we know will be less likely to cause allergies or irritation and that are pure and kind on delicate and developing skin.

We’ve really enjoyed working with HUGGIES® Newborn Wipes and learning all about how we can integrate them into our lives for both Rowan and Sergio. I now can’t imagine life without them!

Disclaimer: In partnership with HUGGIES®

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  1. 12/10/2017 / 11:10 am

    Laura, your kid is really very cute. I love to play with kids. The best time that I love to be with kids is when they makes different types of faces in their nap time. I alway capture such moment in my digital cam.

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