How to Clean and Organise Your Home Quickly

Whether you need to perform a quick cleaning at home because of unexpected guests or you have been putting off the cleaning for a short term and would like to get it out of the way – you will need to focus for an hour or so and get it completed.

There are many tricks and ways you can speed up the cleaning of your home and still achieve the desired results. Motivation is key in these situations and once it hits, you will know that it’s action time.


The first and very important rule of cleaning is to always work from top to bottom. Whatever and whenever you are cleaning you will want to start from the top, this way the dirt and dust you are cleaning will fall down (thanks, gravity) on the areas you haven’t yet cleaned. It’s an important rule and it comes in handy while cleaning anything (windows, furniture, appliances, etc).

If unexpected guests are on the way and a quick cleaning is in order you will, of course, focus on the main rooms and areas your guests are likely to see. If, for example, they don’t need to go into your bedroom or your children’s room, you will neglect those areas and pay attention to the dirt and clutter in the hall or living room says a professional from Tidy London.

If unexpected guest are not the case here you should start your cleaning routine from the bedroom. Grab a microfiber cloth soaked in water and wipe down the furniture top to bottom. Always have a basket or bin for clutter, such as clothes, or other linen which will usually end up in the washing machine. Make sure the the bed is also made.

Moving on to the living room/dining hall area of your home. Start by removing clutter and follow that up by wiping down and dusting off the high objects like fans and blinds. Work your way top to bottom and end with the floor. Begin in one corner and finish with the door while keeping in mind that sweeping or vacuuming is entirely sufficient to gather up all the fallen dirt – carpet cleaning and vacuuming should always be considered a last step.

The kitchen is one of the places where you are likely to end up doing the majority of the cleaning. Any dirty dishes should be soaked in water or quickly loaded into the dishwasher. This can then be followed by wiping down kitchen surfaces, tables and appliances. Utensils or stove burnt pieces should be treated with hot water and dish soap detergent while keeping in mind that they may need to soak for a while before trying to rinse with water and wiping clean.

It all comes down to the floors again. Whatever type of cleaning you do always finish with the floors. Avoid sweeping hard floor, because accumulated dust and dirt in the corners will fly up and quickly settle down again. Use a special vacuuming attachment to clean the corners, then take it off to vacuum the rest as normal. When sweeping or vacuuming always start from a corner deep in the room and work away from it.

By adapting a few simple habits to limit clutter and dirt, in general, you will make those short-time cleanings less of a burden. Clean as you go, don’t leave dirty dishes soaking for too long, make the bed before starting your day, wipe, sweep and dust off as often as you can. It takes no more than five minutes, but it makes a huge difference!

Disclaimer: Collaborative post.

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