We Got Married!

Yes! For those of you that don’t know Alex and I finally did it and we got married on 14th October. We’ve been so busy since that I’ve only just got round to putting this post together to announce it and share a little about our day with you.

We Got Married | mummylala.co.ukWe impulsively decided back in August of this year to get married. Crazy or what?! We’ve been together for 13 years and we thought if we don’t just do it, when were we going to tie the knot? We both had different ideas on how we’d like to get married and was something we talked about on a regular basis. Our ideal wedding would have been to elope to the Caribbean and get married on a beach with just us two, our little boys and a few random people to be our witnesses when we got out there. Something completely relaxed and stress free.

I’m a very shy person in public and hate being the centre of attention so to go away and just do it would have been my dream wedding. Alex on the other hand wanted his whole family there so he won this time round! We agreed we didn’t want a huge wedding and so booked a registry office wedding with a small laid back reception afterwards. The space allowed us to invite all of our immediate family and two of our closest friends to act as our witnesses.

Once we decided we were getting married and had the date all set we started making phone calls to let everyone know the important details. Having booked a venue we only gave eight weeks notice to everyone but the timing generally worked out well.  I wanted to make sure I sent the wedding invitations out and spent some time thinking about the style I wanted that was fitting with the occasion.

Amazingly almost all of our family were available and able to travel to us on the weekend of the wedding. My parents were first to arrive a couple of days before hand which was great for Rowan and Sergio who wasted no time in asking his Nana for a trip to the toy shop! We then had more family turn up on the Friday and Rowan was loving playing with his cousins.

The day of the wedding went really well. Although Sergio (who is now nearly nine months old) cried throughout and I actually had to get married holding him as he wouldn’t settle for anyone else. Our toddler had a bit of a tantrum during it too. But we wouldn’t have had it any other way as that was pretty standard practice with them.

We do plan to renew our vows on a beach somewhere nice and hot in a few years time to fulfil my original dream wedding. Our boys will be older then (hopefully we’ll have had more children by then too) and we’d love to take them with us as they’ll remember it a lot more.


  1. Sarah
    29/11/2017 / 5:24 pm

    Congratulations Lala!
    Have you any pictures of you and the family on the day?
    So pleased for you all and hope you have your dream wedding one day soon xx

    • Laura
      20/12/2017 / 6:51 pm

      Thanks so much Sarah. It was all a bit of a rush!!! We don’t have many photos unfortunately as I hate having my photo taken and wanted it to be a stress free day without having to worry about cameras. Stupid anxiety of mine 🙁 xxx

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