Smart Parenting Begins with Parental Control App for Android in this Digital Age

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There is no doubt about the fact that the Internet is a remarkable resource for children. There are several apps and websites which help children with their academic problems, projects, and assignments. It’s an undeniable fact that the internet is filled with extremely beneficial information. But with all the positives which the internet offers, there are shortcomings of digital apps too. The internet exposes your children to such content which is evidently inapt for them. The risks which are associated with the internet prove to be extremely harmful to your kid’s safety.

In order to make sure that children are not getting involved in unsuitable activities online, parents need to monitor their kid’s action constantly. To be able to limit your child’s screen use, you have to be familiar with the use of the parental control app for Android.

Responsibility of a Parent

Parents have always been the wisest supervisors of their teen’s activities. They are the strongest source of advice for their children, who can adopt the influence of their parent’s habits unintentionally which is why parents need to ensure that they portray the part of an ideal role model in terms of using digital apps. Parents should limit their use of mobile devices during meal times or family gatherings.

However, parents cannot stay at their children’s head 24/7 to monitor their digital activities. Therefore, parental control apps for Android are a great tool which can help in performing their duties as a smart parent even more effectively. There are many options available in the market for such apps, but the one worth trying is FamilyTime. Using FamilyTime app, parents can:

Monitor the web use

• Check browsing history with the details of the URL and the date and time stamps
• Look at their bookmarks and favorites stored in their browser
• Keep an eye on most visited sites

Check Mobile Activities

• Monitor the call logs with the date and time stamps
• Check details of sent and received messages
• Mirror the contact book of your child with all the information saved in it such as email address, birthday and notes
• Watch the list of apps installed on their devices

Limit screen time

• Put auto screen locks on devices
• Remotely lock their phone

Track Location

• Trace the location of their children on the virtual map in the real time
• Track their location history to know their whereabouts for past few months
• Geo-fence important places
• View their check-ins and check-outs
• Receive panic alerts along with location

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And the list of valuable features of FamilyTime doesn’t end there. There are many other features that empower parents to take control such as blacklisting unwanted or inappropriate apps, children safe drive options, speed limits, Watchlisting contacts, etc. So, give this app a try for free and explore the app for yourself.

To download the app, go to the app store on your phone i.e. Google Play or iTunes.

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