CBD Vape Pods from KYLE

Established in 2013, KYLE, first started creating CBD Vape Pods for personal use. The Lords decided that the liquids that they had crafted was far too good to keep for themselves. Thus they decided to sell to the Great British Public.

Humble Beginnings

Starting small, KYLE, crafted their CBD liquids in small batches, allowing customers into the website a bit at a time to cope with the demand. As more staff were employed, production capacity increased and restrictions on the website were lifted.

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The response to our liquids at UK Vapefest 2013 was resoundingly good, and from then on we have gone from strength to strength.

Location, Location, Location

In 2014 we moved into our first official office-based premises in Burnley called Lodge House (pictured) and began to set our sights on selling worldwide. We attended UK Vapefest once more in 2014 and we were inundated by hordes of vapers!

2015 and Beyond…

2015 is a big years for us. This year saw our biggest premises move yet, construction of our cleanroom, our first London expo at Vape Jam UK and once more we attended UK Vapefest 2015 which we had a tent all to our ourselves.

— December 10, 2018

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