Quit Smoking with MYLE Vape

If you are a smoker then at one point or another you would probably have tried to quit smoking. Maybe as a New Year’s resolution, maybe because you just wanted to feel healthier. You would have probably tried going cold turkey, lasted a few days then at the first stressful moment or the next time you were sitting in your local with your favourite beer in front of you, you would probably have headed straight for the nearest cigarette machine.

I would imagine that you would have tried patches, nicotine chewing gum (eek!), made yourself look really cool with a nicotine inhaler, tried smoking cigars instead and maybe you would even have visited Paul McKenna or your local hypnotist. However, for a large number of you this wouldn’t have worked and you will still be puffing away.

Well how about giving MYLE Vape a shot?

Being an ex heavy smoker myself I have already managed to cut down considerably by using MYLE Vape Starter Pack and will only rarely have a cigarette now. How did I do it you may ask? Well, MYLE comes in really handy when you have those desperate nicotine cravings. Those times when you are dying for a cigarette like after a coffee, when you come home from work, when you’re twiddling your thumbs and biting your nails in a (smokefree) pub. MYLE will quite simply take those cravings away and because the nicotine uptake from MYLE is a lot quicker than with cigarettes you will feel an almost instant relief. However, I must warn you all that it probably isn’t the best replacement for the post coital cigarette – MYLE in this situation probably isn’t the most attractive option!!!

— December 9, 2018

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