Late last year I published an article about how to successfully redesign your bathroom, so what about the kitchen? It was Cesar Chavez who said ‘The people who give you their food give you their heart‘. With that in mind, kitchen refurbishment isn’t just about creating the perfect place to make coffee;… View Post

The one thing we always struggle with at home is storage, we just don’t have enough. As a family we seem to constantly have new items coming into the home, then quickly remember that we haven’t got enough room and they can end up in the most random of places… View Post

For many people the bathroom is more than just a toilet, sink and shower. For some, it’s where they can forget about their long, tiring day and relax with a glass of wine and a soothing bath. For others, it’s where they go to hide from their nagging parents, partner,… View Post

Last month we were invited to take part in a Dream Rooms campaign with Ocean Finance. As part of the project we had to choose a room, or in this case a couple of rooms, to makeover by revamping and updating them with a variety of accessories on a budget. As… View Post

Whether you’ve bought a brand new property or not, I’m sure you’ve had a sneak peek at a show home before to understand what you can get for your money and to see how luxurious it looks. A show home is how we’d like our homes to look 24/7 but… View Post