A couple of weeks ago we went strawberry picking for the first time, it was brilliant, a perfect family activity for the summer. In fact it was so brilliant that we went two Saturday’s in a row and plan to go back again soon, although strawberry season ends this month. I’ve never… View Post

Yes, I realise it’s Thursday but time has flown by since Sunday afternoon. We’re really lucky where we live at the moment. Within about a three minute walk of our house (I’m sure this will get longer once Rowan’s toddling around), we have miles and miles of relatively unused Ministry of… View Post

I can’t believe Rowan is now one, eek! He turned one on Wednesday (1st July). This past year has absolutely flown by. I will eventually do a longer post about Rowan’s birthday – hopefully sometime this week. For one of his presents we decided it would be a great idea… View Post

Hello, Welcome to my blog, my own little corner of the t’internet. I’m completely new to all this blogging stuff, please bear with me and forgive me if I do anything wrong, swear a lot a bit, ask a lot of questions or get confused over the jargon. I’ve been… View Post