I’m really annoyed at myself as this post is now over a week late, I’ve been meaning to finish and post it but time flew by once again. Unbelievably to us Rowan is nearly 18 months old, one more month and he’ll be there. It’s really quite¬†surreal. We’ve just about… View Post

Our little boy is now 16 months old. Where on earth has the time gone? I’m really struggling to get my head around it, especially now that he is WALKING! It’s official we now have a walker on our hands. It took awhile for him to get there but he’s… View Post

I can’t believe Rowan is now one, eek! He turned one on Wednesday (1st July). This past year has absolutely flown by. I will eventually do a longer post about Rowan’s birthday – hopefully sometime this week. For one of his presents we decided it would be a great idea… View Post